At Derby Eye Care we believe in a Complete Vision and Eye Health Exam. This includes checking the health of the eye for conditions such as dry eye, cataracts, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. It also includes the refraction, which determines each patients unique prescription for glasses. In addition, we will check each patient’s color vision, depth perception, visual fields and pressures.

Dr. Banister recommends a yearly comprehensive eye exam for everyone in the family starting just before kindergarten. More than 80% of everything we learn is a result of visual processing, however, it is estimated that over 10 million children suffer from undetected vision problems due to lack of proper evaluation. Unlike a basic school visual screening, Dr. Banister will test your child’s visual acuities, eye focusing, eye teaming, eye tracking, and hand-eye coordination.


In addition to comprehensive eye health exams, Dr. Banister specializes in diagnosing and treating eye pain and discomfort as well as minor eye injuries including foreign body removal. Trauma to the eye can vary in severity from minor injury to medical emergencies. Even minor eye trauma should be given medical attention. Symptoms associated with eye trauma may include pain, trouble seeing, cuts or abrasions to the eye or eyelid, one eye not moving as well, one eye sticks out, blood in the white of the eye, unusual pupil size or shape, foreign body embedded in the eye or under the eyelid. These types of visits are usually covered by your health insurance as opposed to your vision plan. Help prevent eye related injuries by protecting your eyes first, use eye protection when doing yard work, home and auto repairs, and playing sports. Dr. Banister offers 24/7 assistance with eye related injuries, simply call our office at 316-788-1535.


Derby Eye Care is proud to participate in an early vision screening program called See To Learn. See To Learn was developed by the Eye Care Council as a preventive program to help make sure every child’s early education is unaffected by vision problems.

Through See To Learn, parents can schedule a FREE vision assessment for their 3-year-old child. This program for all 3 year olds that do not have previously documented vision concerns. If your child has failed a vision screening, we recommend a comprehensive eye health exam.


At Derby Eye Care we understand that each prescription is unique and quality service is very important. Rest assured that your eyeglass lenses will be made from the finest ophthalmic materials available and to the exact specifications of your prescription.

Our team of opticians will provide assistance in selecting a frame that will meet your vision needs as well as help you find a frame that fits your personal style. We stock a wide variety of ophthalmic and sunglass frames for your selection including Ray Ban, Michael Kors, Oakley, Tory Burch, Kenneth Cole, Nike, Silhouette and many more! Come see us today and ask about our eyewear promotions.


We offer the latest technology in contact lens options to improve your vision. Dr. Banister is qualified in fitting soft, hard and specialty lenses. New contact lens fittings are offered to patients with a one-time fee depending on the type of lens. Contact lens fittings are rarely covered by insurance. Initial contact lens fittings will consist of Dr. Banister fitting the patient in the proper lens for the best comfort and vision, instruction on insertion and removal and how to care for lenses, as well as a follow up visit.

With a valid contact lens prescription, we will gladly order your contact lenses and have them ready for you promptly. With your yearly contact lens fitting with Dr. Banister, most manufacturers will offer a rebate on a year supply of lenses. Contact our office for additional information and the latest offers.


Our office files insurance with several plans as a participating provider. When you call our office please state your specific health and vision plans. If we are not a participating provider with your particular plan, we will assist in providing the necessary paperwork to you to file a non-participating provider claim.

We will file insurance claims to participating insurance plans but we cannot guarantee payment. We encourage you to contact your insurance company for your benefit information.

Questions? We are here to help.

Give us a call at (316)788-1535.

Need a vision plan? Dr. Banister recommends Vision Care Direct. See the attached brochure for more information.

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